Does this leadership stuff really work?

“My confidence as a leader has increased and I have saved time, energy and feel more focussed. The team at JMA are brilliant.”

– Senior leader, global tech company

How do we work with you?

Our approach helps you achieve your goals quicker than you would on your own.

We ask questions, we listen, we seek clarity and firm-up commitment. We work with you to co-create a bespoke solution that builds both your capacity to become the leader you want to be and builds the internal leadership capability of your team.

Using a combination of research-based data and recent findings in neuro-leadership we focus on enabling you, either as a team or individually, to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

Typically this involves you clarifying:

– What you believe is right and wrong
– What you believe needs to change
– How you believe your ideal future looks 
– What you believe people are capable of
– What you believe motivates people.

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Our Clients

We work across a range of industries, from large corporations to smaller businesses across the globe. Over 70% of our clients come to us via referral or having worked with us successfully in the past.

Who are we?

Each of us has worked as a senior leader or director and brings significant business experience as well as knowledge of leadership and organisational development.

Founded by Jo Manton, JMA Leadership is a collaborative network of consultants joining together to deliver the highest quality leadership consulting, facilitation and coaching.

Jo Manton – Director, Executive Coach & Facilitator

An embodied leadership practitioner with a passion for working cross-culturally, Jo takes a relational approach to her work, enabling clients to identify their personal leadership values, find their voice and take aligned action.

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David Pilbeam – Associate Executive Coach and Facilitator

A business leader with strong experience of working in an international environment, David takes a pragmatic approach to his work, enabling leaders to first clarify their picture of success and then deliver on it.

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Annabel Graham – Associate Executive Coach and Facilitator

An ILM trained coach and supervisor, Annabel uses a variety of methodologies with clients and teams enabling them to develop their authentic leadership style, overcome challenges and be more effective in their roles.

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Julian Shreeve – Associate Executive Coach and Facilitator

An ILM7 accredited coach and facilitator, Julian works with leaders across diverse geographies and cultures strengthening their individual and team leadership capability to lead change, resolve conflict and build engagement.

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Our coaches are qualified to adminster various psychometrics and use a number of coaching approaches, such as :

Our coaches are members of the following professional bodies:

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