As an HR practitioner we know you recognise the strategic importance of developing the leadership capability of your senior leaders and high-potential talent

Do you:

  • Work as an HR Director or Head of L&D, Head of OD, or Head of Talent and Leadership Development?
  • Have responsibility for a people development strategy that includes developing the leadership capability of your organisation’s leaders?
  • Find that your leadership and senior management team are not working together as effectively as they could?

We know how important it is to work with a trusted partner that will enable you and your HR team develop the leadership and management skills of your people. 

We have a proven track record of increasing team collaboration, speeding up decision-making, boosting accountability and ultimately driving better business performance as a result of improved leadership capability.

The team at JMA Leadership can help you if you find yourself in conversations with leaders who have some or all of the following questions…

  • What is leadership and how can I become a more effective leader?
  • How do I create a vision for my team, set priorities and align everyone behind them?
  • How can I become more influential outside of my department and develop my network?
  • How do I help my high performing team member chart their career at this company?
  • Help! I’ve had this feedback and I don’t know what to do with it – what do I do next?

Contact us today for a conversation about how we will enable you to answer them with confidence.

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