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Frequently Asked Questions

Which geographical locations do you serve?

We are all UK-based facilitators and coaches and are frequently asked by our global clients to deliver services to suit their geographical needs.

We do this either by:

– travelling to the required locations – we have experience across Europe, APAC and the US –  and usually deliver in business English, or

– using in-territory JMA Associate Consultants who deliver programmes in either the local language or business English and have direct working experience in the culture.

What fees do you charge?

For leadership and team development programmes, our fee structure is tailored to your requirements and depends on factors such as the amount of time involved, numbers of people in scope, what type and how many materials are to be provided.

For Executive Coaching, our fees are based around packages of 90 minute to 2-hour sessions. We offer a 20-30-minute discovery consultation beforehand and include interim e-mail / phone contact as required between sessions.

Coaching is usually a combination or both face-to-face and virtual coaching.

Most clients book a package of 6 x 90-minute sessions if they are focussing on their development or career direction.

Senior leaders who are looking for a reflective space to focus often book quarterly 2-hour check-in sessions to review their goals, direction and actions.

Are some people just born better leaders?

To some extent the traits required to be a successful leader exist within all of us. Naturally more so in some, but the ‘leadership gene’ is also nurtured through life experiences and the influence of key people around us.

Our research shows that leadership can be developed through new experiences, raised awareness and coaching. Like any skill, leadership must be practiced, it’s an art that can be learned through evidence-based coaching and development activity.

How can I be sure your coaching and development will have any impact?

Research shows the effectiveness of leadership coaching is not so much a matter of techniques or approach; it’s linked to the quality of the relationship between coach and coachee and how motivated the coachee is to develop new habits and behaviours.

In our experience the client–coach relationship and the readiness of the coachee to change are the two factors in how results are achieved.

Each of us has worked as a senior leader or director and brings significant business experience as well as knowledge of leadership and organisational development.

In short, we have lived and operated in the real world. At the start of our work together we work with you to clarify the impact you are seeking to achieve, both the internal and external results, and check-in with you along the way to ensure personal progress and business outcomes are being realised.